Books – Your best friend this summer!

With the beginning of the summer holidays, it’s time for parents to encourage your child to read those evergreen books that they remember for a lifetime. From picture books to family fun, mystery to fantasy, humor to historical, your kid may have a liking for any genre of books. Whatever be the genre, books provide a plethora of knowledge that enables in their mental stimulation and vocabulary expansion. With the every increasing craze of internet, it is important to rekindle the love and importance of reading among the young ones right from the start. Here is a small list of must read books for kids.


The Lion And The Mouse by Jerry Pinkney 

In Jerry Pinkney’s wordless adaptation of one of Aesop’s most beloved fables, an unlikely pair learn that no act of kindness is ever wasted. After a ferocious lion spares a cowering mouse that he’d planned to eat, the mouse later comes to his rescue, freeing him from a poacher’s trap. With vivid depictions of the landscape of the African Serengeti and expressively-drawn characters, Pinkney makes this a truly special retelling, and his stunning pictures speak volumes.


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

This book is all about a kid called Greg who fills in his journal of all the misadventures in his life. Everything Greg seems to do has hilarious consequences and his family is very funny too. In this book it is summer vacation and even though it is nice and hot, Greg insists on staying inside hooked up to his video games with the blinds drawn. His mother is tired of Greg being lazy and decides that this summer should be fun and packed with family activities.


The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss

Young readers will likely side with the fun-crazed Cat and his sidekicks, not the guilt-tripping goldfish who serves as the voice of reason. The book’s colorful illustrations capture the Cat’s exuberant spirit and match the rapid-fire rhyming text, which will likely encourage multiple readings.


Eating The Rainbow by Rena D. Grossman

Good eating habits start early. In this board book filled with colorful photos of children enjoying a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, readers will find a great introduction to healthy eating.


Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann

This sparkling picture book, filled with such favorites as pink bubble gum, pink peonies, pink cotton candy, and pink fairy princess dresses, celebrates all things pink while showing that being yourself is best of all.


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

This is a famous classic children’s book in which about five kids win a chance to tour Willy Wonka’s mysterious candy-making operation. It’s a vividly told wild ride with amusing, cartoon-like sketches that will keep kids excited and laughing and transport them into a fantasy world.


Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

A gentle, much-loved classic that delights all young readers. A little girl, a loquacious spider and “some pig” star in this beloved story of friendship, ingenuity and the cycle of life. Farm girl Fern loves Wilbur the pig, who is destined for the dinner table until quick-thinking gray spider Charlotte starts spinning his praise in web form — with the comical assistance of Templeton the rat.

charlottes web734_template_2734

The Complete Tales Of Winnie The Pooh by A. A. Milne

The enchanting tale of Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Christopher Robin and others is a complete heart winner for the kids. The collected adventures of A. A. Milne’s famous “Bear of Very Little Brain” and his companions in the Hundred Acre Wood, illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard. Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo, Owl and the rest spend their dappled days boosting Pooh out of Rabbit’s doorway, meeting Heffalumps, playing Poohsticks, giving parties and attempting to “unbounce” the excitable Tigger.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

An exciting, provocative tale of a lethal reality show. In this book  24 teens must kill one another until only one survives. They do so with spears, rocks, arrows, knives, fire, and by hand. It’s not unduly gory, but there is lots of violence, all of it teen on teen. One of the popular books that beautifully introduces young readers to action and sci fi genre of books.


The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

An international bestseller and a modern classic. Eye-catching foil stamping, glittering on every page, offers instant child-appeal, but it is the universal message at the heart of this simple story about a beautiful fish, who learns to make friends by sharing his most prized possessions, that gives the book its lasting value.


Be it bedtime reading or devoting some afternoon time reading to your kids, get started now to make your kids a budding book lover. Whether you are looking for popular classics or a few unknown gems, you’ll certainly find something great to add to the above rotation here.

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Be The San Francisco’s Secret Explorer With Your Kid

San Francisco is truly a city of treasures. Just when you think you’ve explored every nook and corner of this beautiful city by the bay, you are proved wrong. This growing collection of adventures and hidden gems is a treat to your eyes and you get the local flavor of the city likewise. So embrace yourself as you pin these hidden treasures on your maps for some awesome family time with your munchkin!

Lands End Labyrinth

The Lands End Labyrinth has been in existence since early 2004, but being a half-mile from Sutro Baths and a quarter mile off the main Lands End walking path most would never know it. Equally surreptitious, until recently, was the identity of the person behind the labyrinth. The Labyrinth was created by a local artist and also offers great views of the Marin Headlands across the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. This labyrinth (off of the Coastal Trail) is made with grapefruit-sized stones and inspired by traditional walking labyrinths from monasteries, where the goal is contemplation and meditation. Take your time to walk the maze, but don’t cheat!


Casting Pool

You know there are buffalo (wait… you do know that, right?), but you probably don’t know there are these pools over by the Golden Gate Park Fields, which MacNiven describes as a “great place to practice your fly fishing without the hassle of flying to Montana”.


Secret Mosaic Staircase

A stairway cloaked in colorful tiles, some mirrored, embedded with the names of donors as well as fanciful creatures from the sea. The colorful stroke known as the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps is an unexpected sight amid the quiet blocks of Golden Gate Heights, the last ridge before the hilly center of the city descends to what once was a plateau of shifting dunes. Local artists covered 163 precipitous steps with mosaic tiles, portraying a shimmering path from the sea to the sky and took almost two years to ornate these steps.


Secret Seward Playground

With their high walls and sharp turns, the journey down the Seward Street Slides is an adrenaline rush of epic proportions. Take a trip down the famed steep slopes and see kids cheering each other and squealing with fun and excitement.


Century Old Sundial

This brilliantly white sundial is secluded in Ingleside in the midst of a mini garden — and chances are, you’ve never seen it. Synchronized to the summer solstice, the sundial works best on sunny days, but even in the fog it acts as a playground for kids (and kids at heart) as a sky-high slide.


Tom And Jerry Christmas Tree

Every December 12th-25th, Tom Taylor and Jerome Goldstein bring Noe a 65 feet, brilliantly illuminated Christmas tree. Oh and also, “human-sized teddy bears, bathroom-sized presents, and a nightly visit from St. Nicholas himself”.


Wave Organ

This acoustic sculpture constructed on the shore of San Francisco Bay provides a panoramic view with cool noises. Through a series of pipes, the wave organ interacts with the waves of the bay and conveys their sound to listeners at several different stations. The effects produced vary depending on the level of the tide but include rumbles, gurgles, sloshes, hisses, and other more typical wave sounds. The structure incorporates stone platforms and benches where visitors may sit near the mouths of pipes, listening.


Garden Of Shakespeare’s Flowers

The expansive public garden showcases many of the flora Shakespeare rhapsodized about. This location transports visitors into the pages of historic comedies, tragedies, and sonnets, bronze plagues engraved with notable quotations accompany the floral arrangements. There are more than 200 flowers and plants for locals and visitors to get mesmerized by.


It’s truly said: San Francisco itself is an art…every block is a short story, every hill a novel, every home a poem, every dweller with immortal. So why wait, plan now and unravel these hidden gems with your kids now.

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Mom – You mean the world to me !

The day of celebration of the most beautiful person is a child’s life is here – it’s Mother’s Day!

Mothers are truly a super woman. Right from the time a child enters the world, the unconditional love of the mother is unparalleled. From being patient with her kids to encouraging them at every step, from helping us navigate through those rough days to being the pillar of our growth – she is the greatest of all. Her determination and selflessness is beyond comparison. And now comes that time of the when kids need to honor her, appreciate her strength and  be thankful to god to bestow us with a supremely capable mom!

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Be it gifting her favorite flower or planning out a day with her, every small gesture is special. Tell her in your own sweet simple way that MOM – YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME! Celebrate Mother’s Day in style with a few activities around the Bay Area as listed below.

Mother’s Day 5K run – If your mom loves working out and enjoying the wonderful weather, get out and celebrate Mother’s Day by participating in the 5K run at Crissy Fields.

Paint a pot for your Mum – Get creative and personalize your gift by painting a beautiful pot for your mum. She will surely love the personal touch added in it.

Mother’s Day macaroons – Celebrate this day by baking  petite but delicious desserts with flavorful combination – macaroons and surprise your mom.

Mother’s day Bike About – Get outdoors and go on a cycling tour through the San Francisco Zoo. Experience the morning errands of the animals before anyone else can see it.

Picnic with Mum – Enjoy the wonderful natural settings with mum and the entire family. Hike, bike and eat for a perfect picnic.

Almost Mother’s Day concert –  Come over for this concert event to listen to some great live music, children’s play area and craft areas where you can spark your creativity and make some cards for her.

Mother’s Day Tea and Show – What better way to spend your afternoon. Get dressed in character, sip on your tea, dance together and play some wonderful games too.

Mommy and Me: Afternoon tea party – Don’t miss an opportunity to learn and cook alongside with your mum and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with her.

If time is running and you are unable to plan anything now, engage in some DIY activities for your Mom and express your love with a big warm hug.

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Grab some popcorn and enjoy family movie time!

Movies are truly said to be timeless if they can be watched my kids and adults with the same level of enthusiasm. Such movies are like treasures for lifetime. These blockbusters introduce the kids beautifully into the cinematic world – a world of stories, a world of fun and laughter, a world of drama and action, a world of innocence, a world of glitter and glamour. So dive into your couch, snuggle your kids and enjoy some family (kid) friendly movies which your young ones will remember throughout their lives. Here is a list of top 10 movies:

Toy Story (1995)

When your child watches Pixar’s first feature film, they’ll be shocked to find that the TV’s been reading their mind. This movie is displays the bond that every kids has with the playthings of his or her youth and how these inanimate objects are given life by a child’s imagination. Toy Story introduces them to entertainment tropes like mismatched odd couples – Buzz and Woody, wise cracking leading men, cultural references and catchphrases. It’s fun and fast paced enough to be subject to repeated viewing.


Sound of Music (1965)

Rich in character, tone, music and story, this classic is filled with positive messages. This Oscar winning musical grips it’s viewers right from the start and generation after generation continues to be the favorite of all. Julie Andrews aspiring nun turned super nanny is the heart of the film. With the whole Nazi business, some curious kids are inspired to learn more about World War II after the movie.


The Muppet Movie (1979)

A perfect movie to start a child’s pop cultural education. It is a brilliant concoction of all the wonderful ingredients for a perfect movie. It’s hilarious, clever, sweet, musical and full of love and friendship. Kermit and his new found friends trek across America to find success in Hollywood but a frog legs merchant is after Kermit. Children of all age will love it whether they are 4 or 12 but definitely at different levels.


Mary Poppins (1964)

Julie Andrews’s super nurturing nanny had upped the onscreen child care bar higher with this movie. Julie Andrews will inevitably play a major role in you child’s first decade of life and they may even be intrigued by this whole “fly a kite” concept by the end. This classic charmer belongs to generations and perfect in every way.


Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (1971)

Steer your child to this version which faithfully captures the spirit of Roald Dahl’s magical book. This movie is a wonderful trip into the world of imagination because of Wilder’s imaginative yet controlled performance as eccentric Wonks and the psychedelic Oompa Loompa musical numbers remain an imperative childhood reference point.


The Incredibles (2004)

Pixar’s animated film portrays mature themes about families in a way that both kids and adults can enjoy. Rarely does a minute of screen time pass without an allusion to superhero or spy movie tropes, subtle references that grow in numbers with every subsequent viewing. This family adventure includes explosions and destruction but there is plenty of positive thoughts about family and courage.


Freaky Friday (1976)

A switched identity comedy movie that beautifully explores a parent child relationship. It’s a good family movie to watch together with older kids and teens like. With the first switch places comedy the daughter and the mother learn firsthand how the other thinks and lives.


The Lion King (1994)

This best selling soundtrack album of an animated movie written by Elton John and Tim Rice cements one of the best Disney movie of all times. Based loosely on Hamlet, The Lion King is epic in scope, heavy with themes of familial responsibility and made buoyant by the  sound of “Hakuna Matata.”


E.T the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

E.T is a rite of passage movie, one that every kid is required to see before they hit their teens. Steven Spielberg infuses this family blockbuster with a child like sense of awe. Boy meets alien and they become best friends. Seeing his outer space buddy go makes it immensely emotional and causes audiences to sob too. This sci-fi masterpiece is funny, semi – spooky and enormously moving.


Babe (1995)

This movie contains a great moral lesson hidden under the distractions of adorable talking farm animals. Stay true to yourself and stick up for others who are doing the same thing. Babe is a story of an orphaned oinker who improbably triumphs as a sheep herder. The Academy Award nomination for Best Picture proves it’s worth.  It delivers a message about finding your inner champion.


Spend some lovely family time and see how your kids will love these movies as soon as you press play! However to enjoy some outdoor family movie nights Alltoez provides a list of events organized across Bay Area. 

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Summer is here!!

Beat the heat this summer and direct the unrestrained energy of your kids by helping them create a fun-filled bucket list of summer activities. Brainstorm different ideas and let your kids make choices and see how fruitfully your kids’ time is spent. Let them explore their hidden potential and creativity. Here is something to start with:

Bake cookies for ice-cream sandwiches- It’s summer and summer means ice cream. get innovative while eating the yummy ice cream. The aroma of the freshly baked cookies served with ice cream as a sandwich will fill your child’s heart with excitement. Get some inspiration first for cookies + ice creams combination, check out some of them on Alltoez! Eat it, relish it and then let the kids try their hands on ice cream sandwiches at home.

bake your cookies

Visit a beach, collect shells/build sand castles- Spending your summer time with your family near the pristine beautiful beach is a memory for lifetime. Flying kites, collecting shells, building beautiful castles or getting their feet wet, children love it all. Alltoez has some of the finest collection of beaches in the Bay Area!


Go biking on a trail  Fun, Fitness and Family and friendly – all in one activity this summer for your kids. Parents who pedal their kids around enjoy some amazing and unique quality time with them. Enjoy the nature around and spend some wonderful family time.


Throw an obstacle course party- Let kids create their own obstacle course and call in their family and friends to enjoy. From running, jumping, crawling, splashing to balancing, it’s will definitely give the kids an adrenaline rush. Just make sure your neighbors are OK with all the sound of excitement!


Go on a nature scavenger hunt- This website has some cool tips on what to look for, there are plenty of parks to choose from in the Bay Area. Parents can create a list of things to find in a park. Kids can go out, beat the heat, hunt with the clues and learn so much more.


Go to the farmers’ market and cook- Check up online, Alltoez has a few farmer’s market listed too. Bring some fresh organic produce and see how delicious meals your little ones can cook.


Join a summer reading program – Enroll your kids in summer reading programs like these which will have life long benefits your your young ones. Kids who don’t enjoy the heat can spend their time meaningfully.


Plant a butterfly garden –  One of the popular hobbies pursued today which makes your backyard lively and colorful. Help your kids plant vibrant flowers and make this grden in a sunny location. Another alternative is to go to SF Conservatory of Flowers to get mesmerized in the bountiness of nature.


Kids + Summer + Playground = Fun !

With the arrival  of the summer, the joy of a child to get out and spend their afternoon at a playground seems eternal. Playground is a place where there is a concoction of a child’s imagination, free flow of his/her untapped energy and load of enthusiasm.  A child grows up playing and continuously re discovers their inner self. Playing outdoors not only has health benefits but etches memories for a lifetime. Fasten your belt to tour world’s unbelievable and coolest  playgrounds for your kids to enjoy.

The Blue Whale in Plikta Park, Sweden

This park is every child’s dream come true.The kids love to challenge their imagination and motor skills, an opportunity to enter a good game. Inspired by the sea life collection at the town’s history museum, this park includes six sharks and one enormous blue whale that kids can climb on, crawl through, slide down and jump off from. Daredevils and older children can climb onto the giant tail fin and enjoy the view and gain peace.


Water Playground in Tychy, Poland

This quirky and colorful water playground is a perfect option for kids to keep cool during the hot summer days. Designed by local architects, RS+, this peanut-shaped aquatic playground puts a whimsical spin on water games. The bright colors and odd shapes of the water fountains recall the fantasy world of many children’s books, in particular Dr. Seuss. The bold colors of the plant-like water toys were selected so as to differentiate them based on the way they perform. Even when the sun goes down, the fun continues. At night, the playground is transformed into a fountain show lit up by programmable LEDs. The park is designed in the shape of the peanut to match the contours of the landscape and prevent removing any trees.


Teardrop Park in New York City, USA

This park is one of the hidden gems in the city of New York. Designed primarily as a landscape for children, the park’s spatial structure and reinterpretation of natural form makes a place for exploration and movement for the kids. Little explorers can traverse the park’s rock outcroppings, wander along the secret path, or fly down the giant slide. For the more low-key kids, there are sandboxes, a water play area, and a reading space with rock seats.


Playground in Boadilla Del Monte, Spain

This chic and clean play spot outside Madrid is a stunning piece of architecture and was the brainchild of Spanish architects Eduardo Navadijos and Csaba Tarsoly. In addition to typical playground equipment, dramatic shapes throughout the airy space create playful shadows that challenge children’s imaginations and enhance their understanding of spatial relationships.


The Jungle Gym in Nashville, USA

If magic is in the scenery, the Nashville Zoo’s primitive wooden play tower is straight from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean! The Jungle Gym is so sprawling that every kid falls in love with it. Touted as the largest community-organized playground in the country, it has over 66,000 square feet of free space where kids can run wild between animal feedings and zoo shows. The snake tunnel, the bat cave, hidden slides and a shaded cushioned tiny tot pavilion attracts all the visitors.


Diana Memorial Playground in London, UK

This magical wonderland is a fitting tribute for a Princess who loved the innocence of childhood. A huge wooden pirate ship is the focal point of the playground next to her Kensington Palace home. Inspired by the stories of Peter Pan, the playground encourages children to explore, enjoy and follow their imaginations, learning whilst they play.


Adventure Playground in Berkeley, USA

This is a wonderfully unique outdoor facility designed to encourage children to play and build creatively. Children come and climb on the many unusual kid designed structures and build forts, boats, and towers. They ride the zip line or hammer, saw, and paint. By providing these low risk activities Adventure Playground creates opportunities for children to learn cooperation, meet physical challenges and gain self confidence.


Woods of Nets in Takino Hillside Park, Japan

This new pavilion designed by Tezuka Architects has the nets entirely knitted by hand for for children to crow in, roll around, and jump on the net. It cannot be exposed to rain or ultraviolet light. Nets are configured at different levels to create platforms, resting and playground areas turning their world upside down.

"Woods of Net" by Toshiko Horiuchi - The Hakone Open Air

Dolores Park in San Francisco, USA

The newest addition to accompany the stunning views of the city at Dolores Park, this playground is the hotspot for both kids and parents. It features the traditional swings and sandbox, a 40-foot-long “super” slide, climbing spots and even musical instruments for kids to enjoy their afternoons.


Interactive Loop in Wiesbaden, Germany

The giant spatial structure that makes up the majority of this park is bold, artistic and most importantly fun. The complex range of activities from tire swing, a mesh slide, tunnel and three trampolines makes it a continuous play path for kids and offers endless adventures while keeping their safety in mind.


Story Garden in Holon, Israel

In this interactive playground words come alive. The parks invites children and adults alike to laugh, peer through, climb and interact with these colorful intriguing pieces of art that narrate a beautiful story. The brilliant Story Garden project celebrates literature, the natural world and one’s imagination. Mini-landscape sculptures along with vibrant images of characters that are inspired by popular Israel children’s stories have been displayed within the exuberant open space.


So as the weather is getting warmer, get out and let your kids enjoy in these play spaces from the whimsical to the hyper-modern, the colorful to the stark. These wonderful and innovative structures will definitely make you want to become a kid again.

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For children love food!

With the advent of the new culture of food trucks in San Francisco and across the Bay Area, the competition in this area is growing and becoming fierce. The survival of the best and the yummiest applies here too especially when you need to satisfy the diverse palette of the little ones. Make your meals more fun with a compact list of some of the best food trucks in San Francisco (and kid-friendly too!)

Seoul on Wheels

A Korean take on the traditional tacos. A fascinating fusion with Korean, Mexican and American ingredients: tiny tacos filled with spicy Korean pork, giant, fat burgers with kimchi and the standout “Korritos,” a take on a big California-Mexican burrito stuffed with Korean beef bulgogi. A perfect balance of flavors and the perfect price point puts it on an advantageous position between the traditional taco truck and some newflanged gourmet  novelties on road.


Del Popolo

Supreme mobile wood-fired pizzeria is a popular choice among people of all ages. The rustic Neapolitan-inspired pizza using ingredients sourced from small, generational producers makes the meal welcoming and delicious. The simplicity of the margarita pizza with perfectly blistered crust makes it everyone’s favourite. The truck gets plenty of attention not only because of it’s freshness and taste but also from the auto world because of it’s engineering marvel.

del popolo

Curry Up Now

A unique blend of traditional Indian flavors with modern thought has made this food truck liked by kids. An approachable street food truck serving Indian classics with American touch like the deconstructed pork belly samosa makes it novel. Elevate a bit of your spice level and enjoy the meal from the sumptuous vendor.


Creme Brulee Cart

That moment when you and your kids are ok in skipping your dinner for indulging in this temple for sweet tooth savants. This mobile cart offers a whimsical take on French classic. Try the classic vanilla flavor or the chocolate creme brulee, the kids are sure to enjoy the sugar rush.



The first and finest mobile rotisserie food truck serves sustainably-farmed meats and organic produce. It’s famous for it’s succulent and yummy chicken. RoliRoti’s cuisine is prepared according to the innovative recipes of Rotisseur Thomas Odermatt, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the art of rotisserie grilling. One taste and you and your kids will fall in love with it!



The first ever mobile truck vending delicious cupcakes loved by kids. The cupcakes are freshly baked daily using highest quality local ingredients. The light airy and moist texture is sure to win hearts. Be it the lemon meringue or the red velvet, kids love it all and delve into the wonderful world of cupcakes.


Let’s Be Frank Hot Dog

Their mission of creating delicious food to delight kids and adults have made them a popular choice among all ages. From their family-farmed pork bratwurst and spicy “hot” dog to their signature Devil Sauce, their food is definitely a welcome treat after spending a wonderful evening neighborhood walk with your family. Let’s Be Frank is really the home of dogs gone good.


The Chairman Truck

This is one of the few trucks followed with dedication and great intensity by kids and families. The perfect balance of flavors makes it popular among the vegetarians too. The crispy bao chips or the coca cola braised pork, all make it a divine journey for your palette. The steamed buns are the name of the game (order at least three), but the hefty baked ones also sometimes hit the spot.


Twirl and Dip Soft Serve

An ice cream parlor on wheels that serves ice cream made out of finest and fresh local ingredients. Handcrafted organic soft serve is served in hand rolled sugar cones, cake cones, and compostable cups. With dark chocolate dip made from Tcho chocolate  plus a variety of decadent sauces and toppings, their all natural fresh fruit ice lollies, specialty sundaes, delicious ice cream sodas, and floats – a favorite among all kids. Passionate about their ice creams, they are dedicated to bring you the dessert you love.


Be it the long lines and great waiting times, the food truck trend has completely revolutionized the food world. Gripping the locals and the visitors, these food trucks serve an excellent fare and creating a niche for themselves.

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Be the one who can make the difference!

It is that time of the year where we need to acknowledge and respect the bountiness of Mother Earth. Make it fun, educational and impactful for your young ones to celebrate the Earth Day and to go green. Here are some inspirational and environmental friendly DIY activities for your kids to appreciate nature.

Plant a kid-friendly garden

Gardening is the perfect way to get your kids actively involved in the natural world. Not only is it super fun to dig in the dirt and watch things grow, but your kids will love seeing the fruits of their labor come to life. Carve out a kid-friendly garden in your backyard full of tasty tidbits that your kids can help harvest with their own hands!

Let them choose plants they want to try to grow themselves, and help them do it. Choose the garden tools carefully for your young ones and help them bring the seeds to life.

Mother, daughter and son planting flowers together.

Painting beautifully designed stones

Gather a basket of stones from the ocean side with your young one. These stones bring peaceful energy of the water into your home and a reminder of the wonderful time spent with your family. Get inspiration from Mother Nature and paint these little gems along with your kid to stir their creativity. This will enhance the beauty of your place and help the little buds get a rhythm with paints and brushes.


Magazine scrap collage

Kids love making making this Earth Day collage using magazine scraps. Take a  rectangular cardboard (12” x 14”) and  a round shaped cardboard (10” diameter). Cut out paper scraps from magazine mainly blue, green and black is color. Let the kids shape the world on the round cardboard and stick the paper scraps. Help them put a flag of their town and add a more personal touch to this great craft idea.

Earth-Day-Collage-Craft-3 Earth-Day-Collage-Craft-6

Outdoor water painting

Let your kid experiement with outdoor water painting and spur his creativity. Give them a couple of containers with water and a few paint brushes and free reign to paint. This simple activity will eventually teach them about the properties of his materials, making comparisons, and experiencing the effects of gravity. Whether it’s painting on wooden porches or tiles, this activity is a beautiful reminder that exploration and experimentation don’t have to come at an elaborate cost of time or resources.


Recycling toilet paper rolls

Don’t throw out the toilet paper rolls. Give them to your kids to paint it with different beautiful colors. Help them create petals out of them and make a photo frame. Add a picture of your family as a reminder of the wonderful celebration of the Earth Day. You can also use these toilet paper rolls to adorn your living room with some funky characters.


Encourage your child to engage in such DIY activities and make the planet a beautiful place to live in for you and your family!

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