Summer is here!!

Beat the heat this summer and direct the unrestrained energy of your kids by helping them create a fun-filled bucket list of summer activities. Brainstorm different ideas and let your kids make choices and see how fruitfully your kids’ time is spent. Let them explore their hidden potential and creativity. Here is something to start with:

Bake cookies for ice-cream sandwiches- It’s summer and summer means ice cream. get innovative while eating the yummy ice cream. The aroma of the freshly baked cookies served with ice cream as a sandwich will fill your child’s heart with excitement. Get some inspiration first for cookies + ice creams combination, check out some of them on Alltoez! Eat it, relish it and then let the kids try their hands on ice cream sandwiches at home.

bake your cookies

Visit a beach, collect shells/build sand castles- Spending your summer time with your family near the pristine beautiful beach is a memory for lifetime. Flying kites, collecting shells, building beautiful castles or getting their feet wet, children love it all. Alltoez has some of the finest collection of beaches in the Bay Area!


Go biking on a trail  Fun, Fitness and Family and friendly – all in one activity this summer for your kids. Parents who pedal their kids around enjoy some amazing and unique quality time with them. Enjoy the nature around and spend some wonderful family time.


Throw an obstacle course party- Let kids create their own obstacle course and call in their family and friends to enjoy. From running, jumping, crawling, splashing to balancing, it’s will definitely give the kids an adrenaline rush. Just make sure your neighbors are OK with all the sound of excitement!


Go on a nature scavenger hunt- This website has some cool tips on what to look for, there are plenty of parks to choose from in the Bay Area. Parents can create a list of things to find in a park. Kids can go out, beat the heat, hunt with the clues and learn so much more.


Go to the farmers’ market and cook- Check up online, Alltoez has a few farmer’s market listed too. Bring some fresh organic produce and see how delicious meals your little ones can cook.


Join a summer reading program – Enroll your kids in summer reading programs like these which will have life long benefits your your young ones. Kids who don’t enjoy the heat can spend their time meaningfully.


Plant a butterfly garden –  One of the popular hobbies pursued today which makes your backyard lively and colorful. Help your kids plant vibrant flowers and make this grden in a sunny location. Another alternative is to go to SF Conservatory of Flowers to get mesmerized in the bountiness of nature.



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