Kids + Summer + Playground = Fun !

With the arrival  of the summer, the joy of a child to get out and spend their afternoon at a playground seems eternal. Playground is a place where there is a concoction of a child’s imagination, free flow of his/her untapped energy and load of enthusiasm.  A child grows up playing and continuously re discovers their inner self. Playing outdoors not only has health benefits but etches memories for a lifetime. Fasten your belt to tour world’s unbelievable and coolest  playgrounds for your kids to enjoy.

The Blue Whale in Plikta Park, Sweden

This park is every child’s dream come true.The kids love to challenge their imagination and motor skills, an opportunity to enter a good game. Inspired by the sea life collection at the town’s history museum, this park includes six sharks and one enormous blue whale that kids can climb on, crawl through, slide down and jump off from. Daredevils and older children can climb onto the giant tail fin and enjoy the view and gain peace.


Water Playground in Tychy, Poland

This quirky and colorful water playground is a perfect option for kids to keep cool during the hot summer days. Designed by local architects, RS+, this peanut-shaped aquatic playground puts a whimsical spin on water games. The bright colors and odd shapes of the water fountains recall the fantasy world of many children’s books, in particular Dr. Seuss. The bold colors of the plant-like water toys were selected so as to differentiate them based on the way they perform. Even when the sun goes down, the fun continues. At night, the playground is transformed into a fountain show lit up by programmable LEDs. The park is designed in the shape of the peanut to match the contours of the landscape and prevent removing any trees.


Teardrop Park in New York City, USA

This park is one of the hidden gems in the city of New York. Designed primarily as a landscape for children, the park’s spatial structure and reinterpretation of natural form makes a place for exploration and movement for the kids. Little explorers can traverse the park’s rock outcroppings, wander along the secret path, or fly down the giant slide. For the more low-key kids, there are sandboxes, a water play area, and a reading space with rock seats.


Playground in Boadilla Del Monte, Spain

This chic and clean play spot outside Madrid is a stunning piece of architecture and was the brainchild of Spanish architects Eduardo Navadijos and Csaba Tarsoly. In addition to typical playground equipment, dramatic shapes throughout the airy space create playful shadows that challenge children’s imaginations and enhance their understanding of spatial relationships.


The Jungle Gym in Nashville, USA

If magic is in the scenery, the Nashville Zoo’s primitive wooden play tower is straight from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean! The Jungle Gym is so sprawling that every kid falls in love with it. Touted as the largest community-organized playground in the country, it has over 66,000 square feet of free space where kids can run wild between animal feedings and zoo shows. The snake tunnel, the bat cave, hidden slides and a shaded cushioned tiny tot pavilion attracts all the visitors.


Diana Memorial Playground in London, UK

This magical wonderland is a fitting tribute for a Princess who loved the innocence of childhood. A huge wooden pirate ship is the focal point of the playground next to her Kensington Palace home. Inspired by the stories of Peter Pan, the playground encourages children to explore, enjoy and follow their imaginations, learning whilst they play.


Adventure Playground in Berkeley, USA

This is a wonderfully unique outdoor facility designed to encourage children to play and build creatively. Children come and climb on the many unusual kid designed structures and build forts, boats, and towers. They ride the zip line or hammer, saw, and paint. By providing these low risk activities Adventure Playground creates opportunities for children to learn cooperation, meet physical challenges and gain self confidence.


Woods of Nets in Takino Hillside Park, Japan

This new pavilion designed by Tezuka Architects has the nets entirely knitted by hand for for children to crow in, roll around, and jump on the net. It cannot be exposed to rain or ultraviolet light. Nets are configured at different levels to create platforms, resting and playground areas turning their world upside down.

"Woods of Net" by Toshiko Horiuchi - The Hakone Open Air

Dolores Park in San Francisco, USA

The newest addition to accompany the stunning views of the city at Dolores Park, this playground is the hotspot for both kids and parents. It features the traditional swings and sandbox, a 40-foot-long “super” slide, climbing spots and even musical instruments for kids to enjoy their afternoons.


Interactive Loop in Wiesbaden, Germany

The giant spatial structure that makes up the majority of this park is bold, artistic and most importantly fun. The complex range of activities from tire swing, a mesh slide, tunnel and three trampolines makes it a continuous play path for kids and offers endless adventures while keeping their safety in mind.


Story Garden in Holon, Israel

In this interactive playground words come alive. The parks invites children and adults alike to laugh, peer through, climb and interact with these colorful intriguing pieces of art that narrate a beautiful story. The brilliant Story Garden project celebrates literature, the natural world and one’s imagination. Mini-landscape sculptures along with vibrant images of characters that are inspired by popular Israel children’s stories have been displayed within the exuberant open space.


So as the weather is getting warmer, get out and let your kids enjoy in these play spaces from the whimsical to the hyper-modern, the colorful to the stark. These wonderful and innovative structures will definitely make you want to become a kid again.

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