For children love food!

With the advent of the new culture of food trucks in San Francisco and across the Bay Area, the competition in this area is growing and becoming fierce. The survival of the best and the yummiest applies here too especially when you need to satisfy the diverse palette of the little ones. Make your meals more fun with a compact list of some of the best food trucks in San Francisco (and kid-friendly too!)

Seoul on Wheels

A Korean take on the traditional tacos. A fascinating fusion with Korean, Mexican and American ingredients: tiny tacos filled with spicy Korean pork, giant, fat burgers with kimchi and the standout “Korritos,” a take on a big California-Mexican burrito stuffed with Korean beef bulgogi. A perfect balance of flavors and the perfect price point puts it on an advantageous position between the traditional taco truck and some newflanged gourmet  novelties on road.


Del Popolo

Supreme mobile wood-fired pizzeria is a popular choice among people of all ages. The rustic Neapolitan-inspired pizza using ingredients sourced from small, generational producers makes the meal welcoming and delicious. The simplicity of the margarita pizza with perfectly blistered crust makes it everyone’s favourite. The truck gets plenty of attention not only because of it’s freshness and taste but also from the auto world because of it’s engineering marvel.

del popolo

Curry Up Now

A unique blend of traditional Indian flavors with modern thought has made this food truck liked by kids. An approachable street food truck serving Indian classics with American touch like the deconstructed pork belly samosa makes it novel. Elevate a bit of your spice level and enjoy the meal from the sumptuous vendor.


Creme Brulee Cart

That moment when you and your kids are ok in skipping your dinner for indulging in this temple for sweet tooth savants. This mobile cart offers a whimsical take on French classic. Try the classic vanilla flavor or the chocolate creme brulee, the kids are sure to enjoy the sugar rush.



The first and finest mobile rotisserie food truck serves sustainably-farmed meats and organic produce. It’s famous for it’s succulent and yummy chicken. RoliRoti’s cuisine is prepared according to the innovative recipes of Rotisseur Thomas Odermatt, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the art of rotisserie grilling. One taste and you and your kids will fall in love with it!



The first ever mobile truck vending delicious cupcakes loved by kids. The cupcakes are freshly baked daily using highest quality local ingredients. The light airy and moist texture is sure to win hearts. Be it the lemon meringue or the red velvet, kids love it all and delve into the wonderful world of cupcakes.


Let’s Be Frank Hot Dog

Their mission of creating delicious food to delight kids and adults have made them a popular choice among all ages. From their family-farmed pork bratwurst and spicy “hot” dog to their signature Devil Sauce, their food is definitely a welcome treat after spending a wonderful evening neighborhood walk with your family. Let’s Be Frank is really the home of dogs gone good.


The Chairman Truck

This is one of the few trucks followed with dedication and great intensity by kids and families. The perfect balance of flavors makes it popular among the vegetarians too. The crispy bao chips or the coca cola braised pork, all make it a divine journey for your palette. The steamed buns are the name of the game (order at least three), but the hefty baked ones also sometimes hit the spot.


Twirl and Dip Soft Serve

An ice cream parlor on wheels that serves ice cream made out of finest and fresh local ingredients. Handcrafted organic soft serve is served in hand rolled sugar cones, cake cones, and compostable cups. With dark chocolate dip made from Tcho chocolate  plus a variety of decadent sauces and toppings, their all natural fresh fruit ice lollies, specialty sundaes, delicious ice cream sodas, and floats – a favorite among all kids. Passionate about their ice creams, they are dedicated to bring you the dessert you love.


Be it the long lines and great waiting times, the food truck trend has completely revolutionized the food world. Gripping the locals and the visitors, these food trucks serve an excellent fare and creating a niche for themselves.

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